The Modern CEO

November 03, 2014


The main mission for starting Sockzi was to bring fun and expression to everybody's daily work routine, as well as create a positive impact in our communities. 

Throughout the journey, common questions I get asked by people are: Do you think the socks are too colorful and funky for my outfit? How will it add fun to my routine?

Do you think the socks are too colorful and funky for my outfit?

Sockzi: Depending on your work environment, the socks could be too colorful, however there are ways around this. If you work in a corporate environment where strict business attire is required, then you might want to wear pants with longer breaks near the bottom. If you work in a business casual environment, then have some fun with it and go with pants with no break. Heck, if you can, you should cuff your pants! 

You can see a guide of pant lengths here: How Pants Should Fit

How will it add fun to my routine?

Sockzi: This may be hard to believe until you give it a try yourself. Before I started on my journey, my manager mentioned how he would wear orange clothing because it provided him a getaway from all the stress in the finance role and reminded him to smile. I was skeptical until I gave it a try myself with my own pair of orange socks. The results were awesome. It wasn't long until I realized an accessory as small as a pair of socks made me look forward to work, and want to show them off (especially, when I was seated and my pants would ride a bit higher providing a peak of my socks).

If you are still not convinced, below I've provided a list of business leaders who wear funky & colorful Socks. 

1. Andrew Trader of Maveron - “Sometimes I will even browse the women’s section and get the XXL, because they have all the fun colors”

Sockzi: All our socks are unisex, so you don't have to go buying women's socks! 

2. Travis Kalanick of Uber - “I wanted to keep a little of my geeky computer engineering flair without people thinking I was nuts”

Sockzi: Not to worry, our designs range from moderately funky to very funky! Choose the ones that best expresses your personality or mood! 

3. Matt Graves of Twitter - “Girls notice”

Sockzi: It's true. It's like walking a cute puppy through the park. All the ladies notice! 

To end the post, check out Aaron Levie's colorful socks, the man behind multi-billion dollar company - Box. No matter your position, there's always room for fun socks.

Remember to check out our collection before you leave.

Apple Store Takeover

September 25, 2014


So, we heard that the release of the Apple Iphone 6 was a big deal. Well, we went over to take a look at what the hype was, and (yeah) we took over the store as well. 


Yes, those are our Kickstarter campaigns on those Iphones, Ipads, and Macbooks! 

Curious what we have in store next? Stay tuned!

In case you missed it, we blogged about our visit to the manufacturer who produces your funky socks! 



Journey To The East

September 22, 2014


We haven't written a post since our Kickstarter launched, so we decided to update everybody about our recent adventure to the factory that produces your funky socks!

A year ago, I wouldn't have seen myself in a foreign country visiting suppliers and talking about manufacturing a product. I guess nothing special is really planned. Agree? 

Taiwan was an awesome place with many night markets and friendly people. It kind of reminded me of Hong Kong but with more space (And equally fast paced). Heading towards the factory down south, I didn't know what to expect as we had only communicated through e-mail. 

I took the Taiwan High Speed Rail to the factory. When I arrived, I was meet by two friendly individuals that greeted me with an ice coffee (did not expect it!), and we proceeded to head to the factory. From there, they took me on a tour of the whole sock knitting process. It was fun learning about socks from e-mails back and forth and personal research, but seeing it in person was a total different experience. It was very fascinating seeing how Sockzi socks were made from the design drafting stage to the knitting of the socks to the sizing process.

The part of the visit that really caught my eye was how friendly and polite everybody was. It was not a room full of crammed workers labouring away at a task, but everybody was smiling and enjoying what they were doing. The owners were very respectful of their employees, which really drove a family culture. Sockzi is a company that is about helping the community where we grew up and sourcing our products from ethical partners. We are proud to say that our manufacturers meet our standards by far! 

And, you probably imagined a room full of machines in large factory, right? Nope, all sock knitting machines are placed in a home where a master looks after the socks 24/7 making sure each sock meets the quality standards. So not to worry, from start to finish, our socks are made with joy and care. 


If you haven't already, check out or Kickstarter campaign